Laboratory of Landscape

Shuichi Murakami


Landscape composed of factories has a common aesthetic property with rock arrangement of Japanese garden.

photo analysis drawn by Natsuo Nishikawa

In landscape composed of factories, characteristic dynamic balance is felt by comparing elements with strong verticality and elements with strong horizontality. Also, in Japanese gardens, stones are arranged so that vertical stones and horizontal stones are compared. Natsuo Nishikawa focused on the common aesthetic property of both, and conducted a comparative analysis between photos of views of Yokkaichi complex and ink paintings of stone arrangement drawn by Donketsu, a famous gardener of Omi district.

painting analysis drawn by Natsuo Nishikawa

more information

Natsuo Nishikawa, Shuichi Murakami (2018) Aesthetics of Factory Landscape Common with Rock Arrangement of Japanese Garden : A Comparative Study of Yokkaichi Complex and Garden Making Treatise : Reports of the City Planning Institute of Japan, No.17 : 26-29